Sears Gazetteer – Arizona

The Sears Gazetteer contains a list of locations in the USA with the name Sears, compiled by Ray Sears over the years. Also see Alabama,  MaineMississippiAlaskaNew MexicoVirginia and others on this site.

Arizona has 5 placemarks. Sears Kay Ranch, Sears Park, Sears Point, Sears Tank, and Sears Trailhead. A few more are listed here.

Just be aware, there are some restrictions when hiking the Sears Trail.

No more than 15 people are allowed to be in a group.
No more than 15 head of livestock are allowed in a group.

The Sears-Kay Ruins

The Sears-Kay Ruins are located in Cave Creek, northeast of Black Mountain in Tonto National Forest, near Seven Springs, Arizona.

Carefree-Sears-Kay Ruin-Marker-1.jpg
Sears-Kay Ruins Interpretive Sign - hawks eye view
Sears-Kay Ruins - Tonto National Forest

Discovered by soldiers on patrol in 1867, they date back to about 1050. US Soldiers occupied the area during their campaign against the Apache and Yavapai. The ruins of the Hohokam people are now named after the Sears-Kay Ranch. Abandoned around the year 1200, the ruins are composed of about 40 rooms in 5 separate buildings.

A replica of a room in the ruins can be found in the Cave Creek Museum.

There is some speculation by Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum that Perry Mesa was named after William Perry Sears, a son of J.M. Sears.

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